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EVENTS & signings

Jennifer has been busy taking both Igloo and Happiness Seeker into schools to lead writing workshops and interactive author events; her next school visits take her from West Yorkshire to Marbella.

In December 2023, Igloo won the Grand Prize at the Eyeland's International Book awards.

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On January 13th 2024, Jennifer is taking part in Writers Around the Bay at Grange-over-Sands, leading the YA and Adult fiction workshop.

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poetry success

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Here's my poem which was runner up at the RS Thomas poetry festival, 2022:


In response to Countering, RS Thomas


Calling Time on Love


Now the clock has put a full

Stop on your sentence, I am

Deaf to poetry. A castaway,                                                               

No hand takes mine.  I

Heave at the hour hand, to counter-

turn it fifty years but it is stuck

at the point of your departing.



It’s I must change time: face

Forward, count the dead hours

Without you; the shipwreck

I am, the proof love has

No end on this isle, even now

You’re in so distant a land, I can

No longer read your face.


Jennifer Burkinshaw

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