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Nirvana Green, Niv to her family and friends, is sixteen.

      A rebel with a conscience; a free spirit.

Lives: in Lancashire. 

Family: Mum, Dominique - Mum's wife and Niv's step-mum, four-year-old brother Claude, sheepdog Rova, and Grandad.

niv save.jpeg

Earliest memory: collecting acorns from under Querky, her grandad’s veteran oak

Best friends: Sabihah (Sab) and Rova

Her happy place: the Grove, a clearing in the woods near where she lives, where she is secretly making a table for her grandad out of Querky

Passions: being outside, trees, creating objects out of wood, art, mountains

Hates: timetables, uniforms, being inside, exercise for the sake of it

Clothes: jeans, dungarees, training shoes – whatever’s woodworking-friendly

School: a local state all-girls’ school. Niv’s not a fan of school  - most of the girls there are academic and competitive; Niv and Sab are not. They have other skills.

In her pocket: phone, a logbook of the table she is currently making; a tape measure

Exercise: walking, woodworking, outdoor swimming

Reading: non-fiction on trees and carpentry. During her Christmas holiday to the French Alps, she finally finishes her set GCSE novel, Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’. Her new French friend introduces her to some essays by the French philosopher, Montaigne.

niv travels.jpeg

Favourite food: Niv eats just about anything and loves discovering new food, especially cheese fondues and raclette when they go to the French Alps for Christmas.

Her secret: she has filled out an application on-line to do an apprenticeship in joinery, instead of the A ’levels her parents want her to.  NO ONE knows this

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