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Whilst writing 'Igloo', I often tried to get into the mood by reading some snowy and wintery books. These included 'Snow' by Marcus Sedgewick and 'The Light in the Dark' by Horatio Claire, both brimming with beautifully descriptive language.


I'm also very tempted by Christmassy reads. One I love for younger children is 'There may be a Castle' by Piers Torday. My very favourite for Young Adults and everyone is 'The Silent Stars Go By' by Sally Nicholls. It also has a stunning cover. 

Also in the process of writing 'Igloo',  coincidentally, I also read the books Nirvana reads in the story! So, Steinbeck's 'East of Eden' and Sarah Bakewell's book on Montaigne.

Nirvana is donor-conceived, which has a role to play in her drive to be her real self. As well as speaking to mums of donor-conceived children,  I found 'Far from the Tree', by Andrew Solomon a very enlightening read.  

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