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A lot of people have worked with me to make Happiness Seeker a far far better text. To reveal some of them would be to give spoilers. But I would like to acknowledge here how honoured I am to have worked with two young students: Jonjo Green, who is the mastermind behind my striking cover and atmospheric internal photos, some of
which are on this website. Exhaustion is my personal favourite of the twenty he prepared for the novel. Set outside Cartmel Priory, it represents the despair of Mareno at the time and is a key moment between him and Allie.


Another key collaborator is Douglas McCleery who created the beautiful hand-drawn map and plan for the beginning of the book. His 3 D version of the prom is particularly striking.

I also want to thank my two beta readers, Sarah Dodd and Paul Rand – no writer can ever had more talented and tireless beta readers than I with Happiness Seeker.

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