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Allie, short for Alethea, which means ‘truth’ in Greek, is the main character and narrator of Happiness Seeker.

Allie, aged 17, is intent on studying Drama at uni, with a view to writing plays rather than acting. Her mum is dead set against it though, preferring her to study something more ‘sensible’. While her dad is more supportive, he moved to the other end of the
UK when he split from Allie’s mum.

As well as suffering her parents’ divorce, Allie had to leave her home and school in Buckinghamshire for her mum’s new job in Leeds. She moved to the same village as Finn, who became her best friend. But was bullied by Courtney at school.

During their week’s drama trip to Morecambe Bay, Allie and Finn’s close friendship comes under strain as both pursue romances the other isn’t at all happy with.

As well as being very determined, Allie’s main characteristic is that she wants to keep control – something which is severely challenged during her week’s school trip.

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