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Happiness seeker

My story

Lorum ipsum

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School Events

"Jennifer provided an excellent year 7 creative writing workshop. Students were engaged and enthralled. It gave them the chance to really hone their descriptive writing skills in preparation for their English Language exam."


Calderdale School

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"Thank you so much for your lovely visit, Jennifer. The students really enjoyed it and have been requesting your book."

Bradford School

"Thank you so much for your assemblies for World Book Day. The presentation on your writing journey was particularly valuable for our students. It was a pleasure working with you."

Barnsley School

"The session on the start of Happiness Seeker was inspiring and very enjoyable.  Thank you."

Calderdale School

Jennifer is available for author talks, creative writing workshops and school visits. For school visits, Jennifer is able to provide customised workshops for year groups 7-13, drawing on her twenty years of English and Drama teaching. This could, for example, use some of the themes and content of 'Igloo' as a springboard for AQA English Language writing tasks, other creating writing or linking to English Literature texts.

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